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These top returners are set to lead the charge, showcasing their exceptional skills and determination to help our team achieve greatness.

Danny Koch – Class ’24 Position: RB / WR / DB / PR / KR

In 2022, Danny Koch proved to be a versatile powerhouse on the field. Whether it was rushing, receiving, passing, or returning, Danny excelled in every facet of the game. He amassed an impressive 798 all-purpose yards and displayed his prowess on defense with 42 total tackles and 3 interceptions, leading the team. Recognized as All-Conference and All-League, Danny is a force to be reckoned with. Expect him to be a matchup nightmare for opposing teams this season, as he continues to make an impact on both offense and defense.

Dominic (DJ) DeMatteo – Class ’24 Position: QB / LB

DJ DeMatteo, a true leader, emerged as a key player for our team last season. Despite some injuries, he showcased his skills as a quarterback, with 634 passing yards and 6 touchdowns. DJ is the heart of our offense, making crucial decisions and facilitating plays. His arm strength and field awareness make him a formidable threat. Additionally, DJ is a standout linebacker, contributing with physical tackles and effective pass coverage. Watch for him to lead our team to victory this season.

John Kearney – Class ’24 Position: WR / DB

John Kearney possesses explosive speed, making him a deep threat on offense. His ability to make big plays downfield has been on full display, and he’s poised to be one of the top cover corners in Class A. With 10 receptions, 177 yards, and 2 touchdowns in 2022, John is a game-changer. On defense, he’s equally impressive, providing solid coverage and contributing to our team’s overall success. Expect to see John making electrifying plays this fall.

Owen Ryan – Class ’24 Position: RB / LB

Owen Ryan led the team in tackles last season with 66 and recorded 1.5 sacks. His versatility allows him to excel at all three linebacker positions in our defense. Owen’s tackling ability in both close-quarters situations and open space makes him an invaluable asset. Look for him to make a significant impact on both offense and special teams this season.

Nate Mascoll – Class ’26 Position: WR / RB / LB / KR

Despite being a freshman in 2022, Nate Mascoll showcased incredible potential, contributing 349 all-purpose yards and 4 touchdowns while tallying 35 total tackles on defense. Nate’s versatility is truly remarkable, and his future in the sport is exceedingly bright. He’s poised to be a difference-maker in all phases of the game this season, and we can’t wait to see what he accomplishes.

Liam Scanlon – Class ’24 Position: OL / DL

Liam Scanlon is a highly intelligent student-athlete who leads our offensive line. With experience playing multiple positions on the line, his football IQ and athleticism make him a standout player. In 2022, he played a vital role in our team’s success, contributing to over 2,000 rushing yards and 810 passing yards. We anticipate Liam’s continued leadership and impact on both offense and defense this season.

Landon Varley – Class ’25 Position: OL / DL

Landon Varley is a dynamic force on our defensive line. His strength and agility make him a formidable presence against both the run and pass. Landon’s exceptional off-season training and productive camp season have set the stage for him to shine on both sides of the ball this year. Keep an eye on Landon as he looks to dominate in every aspect of the game.

As we prepare for the upcoming season, these top returners are set to lead our team to victory. With their talent, dedication, and determination, our football team is ready to make its mark and showcase the very best of high school football. Get ready for an action-packed season, as we watch these incredible athletes take the field and continue to raise the bar for excellence in the sport.

1Koch, Danny (Capt)12RB/DB
2Pinto, Kyle11RB/DB/K
3Boyar, Kevin12TE/DE
4Tardio, Nick11WR/DB
5Mascoll, Nate10WR/LB
6Zimmerman, Adam12TE/DE
7Looby, Connor12WR/DB
8Ryan, Owen12RB/LB
9Eppolito, Anthony11WR/DB
10Sacco, Ryan11QB/LB
11Robinson, Danny11WR/DB
12Nikocevic, Dennis11WR/DB
13Hunter, Ronan11WR/LB
14Echandy, Lorenzo10WR/DB
15DeMatteo, DJ (Capt)12QB/LB
16Russo, Chris11WR/DB
19Dusovic, Robert12WR/DB
20Bally, Quentin12WR/DB
21Kearney, John (Capt)12WR/DB
24Clifford, Jack11RB/LB
32McEnaney, Michael11WR/DB
34Luczkowski, Joey12RB/LB
50Dugan, Matt10OL/DL
51Ulaj, Dean11OL/DL
55Sanchez, Justin11OL/LB
56Varley, Landon11OL/DL
57Bosio, Danny12OL/DE
59Trinchitella, Michael10OL/LB
63Sica, Nick12OL/DL
64Bentivenga, Matt10OL/DL
68Scanlon, Liam (Capt)12OL/DL
72Oliver, Codi12OL/DL
75Stark, Andrew12OL/DL
76Baumann, Billy11OL/DL
78Magaletti, Michael11OL/DL
79Espejo, Diego11OL/DL
84Reilly, Matt10TE/DE
99Cruz-Quast, Kelbin11OL/DL