Inside the numbers: Section 1 Girls Basketball 2019-20

Every score and record from the 2019-20 girls basketball season in Section 1 is being tracked on KDJBlog.com. The results are forecasted into the Bracketology standings, league standings and projected brackets page.

But take a deep look into the scores and find more information about strength of schedule, scoring data and much more.

Inside the numbers

Click the link below to find strength of schedule, quality of victories and defeats, and a break down of league and non-league contests

League Data

Below is combined league data in Section 1 Girls Basketball.

The first group is overall combined record of the teams in that league; the second group is the combined records in Section 1 games only; the third group is their combined records not including league contests; the fourth column is their opponents combined records in Section 1. (Best results on mobile if phone is turned sideways)

Scoring Data

The Top 25 highest scoring teams and the Top 25 best defensive teams in Section 1. Standings updated after every contest is recorded.

Charting the Data

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