Bracketology Central: 2019-20 Ice Hockey

Everything you need to follow the Section 1 ice hockey season in 2019-20 is right here.

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Team by Team Results

League Standings

Postseason Schedule

Section 1 Tournament
First Round
Division 1 – Feb. 22, 2020
Division 2 – Feb. 24, 2020
Division 1 – Feb. 25, 2020
Division 1 and 2 – Feb. 27, 2020
Championships – at Brewster Ice Arena
Division 1 and 2 – March 1, 2020

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  1. Just a question. I know wins outside of section one count as 4 points. Why is it not reflected on this site? Also, why are the 2 points for ties not added in the point tally?

    Thank you and great job!!!

  2. Your league standings are incorrect only 5 league games are played that count . Most teams play twice to fill out their schedule. For example Cortlandt is 4-0-1 and in 1st place in league C . Yes they lost to Carmel and White Plains but both of those games where non- league.

    • Qualifying points are different from seeding points (which Kevin lists above to calculate the seeding index). Qualifying points include points from all wins/ties not just section 1 wins/ties. Seeding points include only section 1 wins/ties. Bonus point formula is the same but qualifying bonus points includes the section 1 opponents overall winning percentages (2 bonus points for .750 or above, 1 bonus point for .500 or above) while seeding bonus points are awarded based on the opponents section 1 winning percentages. BOCES athletics website has a document on the calculation of bonus points, qualifying points and the seeding index. The section 1 hockey booklet has additional details regarding added qualifying bonus points and adds to the seeding index based on League.

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