Hockey Bracketology: Section 1 2018-19

The Section 1 ice hockey playoffs are right around the corner. Below is a look at the latest playoff standings using the seeding formula.

A new wrinkle this year applies weighted points based on leagues. The teams in League A receive an additional 1.000 added to their ratio and League B teams received 0.500 added. League C teams receive no weight added for seeding.

Here’s a look at the Division I and II standings based on scores listed in the chart at the bottom of the page. Stay tuned for more hockey Bracketology features, including projected brackets, team-by-team results breakdowns and more.

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2018-19 Section 1 Hockey Bracketology

Scores/Schedules: Section 1 Hockey

Formula and Tiebreaker Information

  • The formula
  • Note: Only games played against Section 1 teams will count towards seeding formula.
  • Every victory counts as FOUR points, regardless of class
  • Every tie counts as TWO points, regardless of class  
  • Teams receive TWO bonus points for playing an opponent that finishes with a winning percentage of .750 and above by Feb 13 (regardless if  they win or lose). Opponents Section 1 records will be counted. 
  • Teams receive ONE bonus point for playing an opponent that finishes  with a winning percentage between .500-.750 by May 15 (regardless if  they win or lose). Opponents Section 1 records will be counted.
  •   Once all points are tabulated, divide that sum by the total of games played against Section 1 opponents.
  • Tiebreakers
  • Head to head 
  • Average bonus points (Bonus Pts/Sec 1 games played)
  • Winning percentage
  • Common opponent
  • Committee decision
  • Note: Ties are NOT broken in the above standings

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