Ranking the best offenses, defenses in Section 1 boys hoops

Every result from the Section 1 boys basketball season is being tracked here for the Bracketology playoff standings. And we are also tracking every score for the season.

Below is a look inside all of the data collected: Ranking the highest scoring offenses in the section, the defenses that have allowed the fewest points, and ranking the best point differentials.

Here’s a look at the Top 20 in each category, which will be updated with every score entered into Bracketology and the Section 1 Scores page on KDJBlog.com:

High Scoring Offenses

Stingiest Defense

Scoring Differential

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  1. Very good stuff. Just a suggestion -you may want to rename “Best” with Highest/Least. Best implies some subjective measure. It doesn’t necessarily mean what team scored the most points or what team has given up the least.

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