Bracketology: 2018-19 Section 1 Boys Basketball Playoff Standings

The Section 1 Boys Basketball playoff standings will be updated every day this season here.

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2018-19 Section 1 Boys Basketball Schedules/Results

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Section 1 Playoff Standings 2018-19

How Bracketology Works


The formula

Note: Only games played against Section 1 teams will count towards seeding formula.

– Every victory counts as FOUR points, regardless of class  

– Teams receive TWO bonus points for playing an opponent that finishes  with a winning percentage of .750 and above by the final day of the regular season (regardless if  they win or lose). Opponents Section 1 records will be counted. 

  – Teams receive ONE bonus point for playing an opponent that finishes  with a winning percentage between .500-.749 (regardless if  they win or lose). Opponents Section 1 records will be counted.

   – Once all points are tabulated, divide that sum by the total of games played against Section 1 opponents.


– Head to head 

  – Average bonus points (Bonus Pts divided by Sec 1 games played)

   – Winning percentage

   – Common opponent

   – Committee decision

Note: Ties are NOT broken in the above standings

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  1. Is Beacon not more deserving than a number 17? A great game against a top 4 ranked team in class AA means big things to come for the dawgs. Not one person ever gives Beacon a shot and trust me that’s fueling the fire and were coming for big heads this year. There are two teams that are 1-2 that are higher ranked than us and it doesn’t make sense to me why they are. If you could kindly give me a reason why Beacon is not a top 10 team that would be helpful.
    -Thank You,
    Sincerely Beacon Bulldogs biggest fan/ hurt player

  2. By ram hills and rye gave all they had last night and should be proud of the way they played they played the game the way it should be played the energy in the bobcats den last night was spectacular, my hats 🧢 off to both teams 🏀👍you gave the fans quiet a show.👏🏀

  3. What’s the bouns points for and why Poughkeepsie has 0 just trying to find out I’m one of there biggest fan also the schedule they had was the toughest and more brutal than any other fan in section 1 so why are they ranked number 3 can you explain the system to me

  4. Your listing has Ardsley with only 3 bonus points. They’ve played 4 teams that have achieved a .500 record (Rye, Eastchester, Putnam Valley and Dobbs Ferry). Shouldn’t they have 4 bonus points?

  5. Kevin – your blog is fantastic! Makes it easy to get up to speed on the game activity each week.

    I was going to inform you of a missing game between Somers and East Fishkill but can see that you are on top of it and have already added the game to the schedule.

    Looking forward to the playoffs for Section 1 and thinking that with the high level of talent this year … the Class A representative will make some noise in the State playoffs.

    • Forget bonus points and section points etc etc, if a team goes undefeated as TZ did(20-0) they should be the number one seed not a team with three loses, plan and simple.

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