Let’s try something new for the PLAAYoffs

plaaylogoThree years ago, I decided to pick up a camera and learn to shoot and edit video. It was difficult and time consuming at first, but the thirst of video in local sports was strong. And it has grown exponentially ever since.

In the past few months, however, I realized I’m sort of sick of lugging a bulky camera around and I have far less time to dedicate to editing. You, as the viewer, also want this video much quicker than ever without sacrificing the quality or production value.

I think I have the solution. Recently I was introduced to PLAAY Sports, which is a video technology company based out of Briarcliff. Their app enables users to record video, which is then automatically edited using algorithms, the best of which is by identifying jersey numbers. So you shoot the video and, if you choose, it’s instantly seperated by player (Hudl can do this but in hours; PLAAY does it in seconds).

As the Section 1 playoffs get into full swing this weekend, I’ll be testing out PLAAY on my own out at games and posting highlight videos here and on my Twitter. All games I shoot will be on either my iPhone or my iPad. In the time saved uploading my entire game footage from my old camera, I’ll be adding voiceover tracks of the game highlights. I encourage you to try it out, as well (email me for details at kdjmedia1@gmail.com).

yorktown-senior-m-hunter-embury-is-one-of-the-most-dynamic-players-in-section-1-this-season-a-two-way-transitional-force.jpgBRACKET CENTRAL

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PLAAY has many other functions, which you can find on their website: https://plaaysports.com/. Or on Twitter: @PLAAYsports

Follow the Section 1 playoffs on Twitter: @KDJMedia1. Email KDJ at kdjmedia1@gmail.com

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