Murphy responds to sudden Scarsdale resignation

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A day after his abrupt resignation as boys basketball coach at Scarsdale High School, Bill Murphy responded in an email sent to parents and players:

Dear Scarsdale HS Basketball Parents, Players, and Community Members,

First, I would like to thank all of you who have been so involved with and supportive of our team for the past three years. It has been an honor to coach the talented young men at Scarsdale. It has not always been easy, but the players never cease to astound and inspire me with their commitment and character.

It must have been rather surprising when you heard the official “explanation” for my sudden dismissal. Well, I was surprised too, and I am sure that Scarsdale’s “explanation” left you with some unanswered questions. Throughout my coaching career, I have believed in the importance of communicating honestly and openly with players and their families. Now, more than ever, I appreciate the importance of open, honest communication and transparency. Administration has made a decision that throws our team into turmoil, a team that we built together. I hope that by meeting and discussing these recent events, we can help the players move forward. The future of the Scarsdale high school basketball program depends on your support at this time.

Therefore, in an effort to answer some of your questions, I am inviting you to a forum to be held this Monday, February 5th – 7:30 pm at Willow Ridge Country Club. I hope this will help us bring some closure to our unexpected predicament.
Hope to see everyone on Monday evening!!

Respectfully yours,
Billy Murphy

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